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Kamasutra +

Since its creation in the 4th century, the Kamasutra has certainly been the most well-known and widely distributed book on sexuality in the world. Yet, its Its many edited versions always show an idealized and stereotyped representation of bodies and sexualities. This is why Sidaction wanted has wanted to renew this reference work by celebrating all sexualities, all bodies, all genders, and including the significance of protecting oneself. The Kamasutra+ is intended to be an artistic, poetic and useful edition, bringing up-to-date the age-old heteronormative Kamasutra thanks to the talent of 67 French and international illustrators belonging to or supporting the LGBT+ community. Inside, 69 illustrations of representative and new ? sexual positions including the importance of protection, a preface by the French musician Eddy de Pretto, two poetic stories by Mathieu Bermann and Patrick Autreaux in connection with the illustrations, as well as practical contents on how to protect, to get help, to help the cause.
A collaborative work that relies on the talent and involvement of a large number of artists, actors, artists, writers, and small hands, which aims to show that real pleasure is to enjoy our identities, to feel comfortable with oneself and therefore with others. A book produced for Sidaction, based on an original idea by The Good Company, produced and designed in collaboration with KIBLIND.
It will be available in a limited and numbered edition, from Thursday, October 20, 2022.

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